Monday, 20 April 2015

Monday Inspiration...DIY Gold Mug

This morning was crazy in our household as the kids headed back to school.  I like to think I am organised, but somehow regardless of how early I get up or how organised I am, I feel like our school/work mornings are rushed, and always like I have forgotten to do something!
As I've mentioned before on a Monday morning I like to set myself up for the week, and this morning after I arrived at work, coffee in hand it was especially nice to just sit and exhale.  I sipped my coffee and went over my big list and to do lists, setting myself up for the week ahead (I always feel so much better after I have done this!).  As I finished off my to do list, I decided I wanted to add a little something pretty to make this week, and thought some gorgeous DIY gold mugs would be perfect!
I love all things metallic in finish...with gold and copper on trend at the moment, I think I will definitely try a couple of different colours and finishes.  I can't wait to give this one a try, and internet willing I will have another post up in coming days showing how I went! 
 Hope your Monday has been a great one! xx

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