Thursday, 14 May 2015

This weeks finds...Kmart

Kmart's 'Bring the bright home' catalogue is filled with so much loveliness!! I, myself will be making a stop after work, and hopefully those shelves won't be empty by the time I get there!  The catalogue starts today and runs through until Wednesday 3rd June, 2015.  Click here to take you directly to the Kmart 'Bring the bright home' catalogue.  
I thought I would share some of my picks from the catalogue, but seriously it is all so lovely! We all know that these goodies at Kmart don't always don't walk people!
a. Roomates Jhye Bed Pack $25
b. Wooden Table Lamp $20
c. Roomate Teah Rose Bed Pack $25
d. Knitted Ottoman - Natural $29
e. Round Wire Basket - Copper $12
f. Homemaker Basket Knit Throw $25
g. Casual Chair $49
h. Knitted Ottoman $29

i. Homemaker 3 Tier Trolley $19
j. Homemaker Laundry Sorter $25
k. Homemaker D/QB Jacquard Wool Blend Blanket $35
l. Homemaker Salle De Bain Foot Towel (2pk) $12
m. Homemaker Salle De Bain Storage Hamper $7
n. Homemaker Salle De Bain Bath Towel $10
o. Homemaker Salle De Bain 4pce Bathroom Set $9
p. Homemaker Bits and Bobs Tin $12
Happy shopping lovelies! xx

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