Thursday, 23 July 2015

Our Morning Routine...

I love reading and hearing about how other people run their homes, their routines and how they manage to keep on top of things and let's be honest I'm a little nosey and love a little glimpse into other people's homes and everyday lives.  I love a 'routines' post for ideas and inspiration and thought I would share what a typical morning in our home looks like.  I work full-time as a Financial Planner, however on Wednesdays I typically work from home, this is when I aim to get all my admin and paperwork done for the week.  So Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this is what a morning looks like in our home...
5am Wake up time
I like to wake before the kids, this gives me an hour of ‘me’ time in the mornings.  I always head out and start my coffee (I would seriously be lost without my Nespresso!) while I’m waiting for my coffee I make my bed.  Coffee in hand I check my work and personal emails, and the calendar (I use my outlook calendar on my phone which is synced to my work calendar also).  I go through my to-do list and add or remove anything I need to do for the day.
6am I wake my older kiddies
During this time they 
  • Make their beds
  • Have breakfast (they rinse and put their dishes straight into the dishwasher)
  • Get ready for school (uniforms on, teeth, hair, pack bags etc.)
  • I empty the dish washer while they’re having breakfast, it is also general chit chat time and an opportunity to see what they’ve got on for today and how they’re feeling
  • I start getting ready for work, it usually takes me about half an hour to do my makeup and hair
6.45am My youngest usually wakes (or I'll wake her) 
We lay in her bed for about 10mins and get I lots of hugs and kisses and we both talk about how we’d much rather just stay in bed all day!  Once I've managed to coax her out of bed
  • Breakfast time (I make breakfast for her)
  • Get ready for school (washes her face, brushes her teeth, uniform and shoes on and packs her bag)
  • I will do her hair and then she usually hangs out on the couch, draws or reads a book
  • I make her bed in the mornings
  • I get dressed for work
  • Hang out the washing (each night I put a load on and set the machine to finish its wash at 7am)
7.15am The older kiddies head off to school
  • I do a quick last minute pickup if needed
  • Pack the car (school bag, work bags etc.)
7.30am We leave home
I drop off my youngest at parent’s house, I am very blessed that my parents take her to school and pick her up from school and that she hangs out with them in the afternoons until I finish work.  After the morning drop off, I head to work from my parents at around 7.45am and am in the office anywhere between 8am – 8.30am depending where I am based for the day.
That is pretty much us day in day out.  Tomorrow, I will post our afternoon/evening routines.  In the coming weeks I thought I would continue breaking down, in a little more detail what I do to keep our home running as smoothly as possible.  Hopefully there might be something you can take away to help you or even better maybe there is something you do that you could share…I love reading your comments and would love for you to share what your morning routine looks like!
I hope you all have a wonderful and happy day xx

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