Monday, 8 February 2016

A little under the kitchen sink organising...

I am slowly working my way through all the cupboards in my home and giving them a little love, some are functioning perfectly, others not so much.  Under my kitchen sink honestly wasn't that bad, however I found that most of cleaning products I had stored under there weren't been used at all, and were taking up precious space. 

When I start any organising project, I like to pull everything out of the space, it's the best way to see exactly what you have and I find a blank canvas always helps you envision what the space could look like.

After I pulled everything out, I decided what was going back in.  From there I made a list of what I needed, and did a little online browsing; I find this saves me time because I find the products I want online (Kmart is always my starting point, their website is user friendly and honestly they have everything you could possibly need to organise a home!) I like to take a screen shot of the item and then I pop all the pictures into a folder on my phone for that project, this also helps as there is nothing worse than trying to describe an item to a sales assistant, when you can't find it and they have no idea what your talking about!  

By doing a little preparation first, I can also get measurements (9 times out of 10) which is handy if there is space issues, then I can measure out the space and make sure everything is going to fit.  There is nothing worse than coming home with a container that you thought would fit perfectly and it doesn't.  By the time I head off to the shops, I have a detailed list,  I know how much an item costs, if it will fit in my budget and I have a good visual in my head of how it's going to work in the space, best of all I'm not spending hours in store...this mama doesn't do well in crowds or busy stores! 

On to the details, I have tried to link all the products where possible...
I started the project by adding some stripes to the back wall using grey duct tape, I figured if I didn't like it I could just pull the tape off!  I took the tape over the joins and then used a stanley knife to ensure a nice clean line.

Such an easy way to add a little fun inside your cabinets!

 I used the large pantry storage shelf from Kmart to take advantage of the height, and these cute Kmart small white storage containers fit under the shelf perfectly!

I used four of the small storage containers in total.  To label everything I made my own labels using Microsoft word, printed, laminated and cut them out.  I attached them to the containers with some heavy duty double-sided easy!

 In the containers...the 1st container has tea-towels, the 2nd has dish cloths I like to have a few as I also use them to mop up any spills and then pop it in the wash, I also wash my dish cloth each day and just pop it in with a load of washing, so easy and I haven't purchased a Chux in years, the 3rd has cleaning products I use in the kitchen and the 4th has a scrubbing brush and bamboo cloth that I use with the cleaning products. (I use to use bamboo cloths as my dish cloths, they are amazing! I had previously purchased them at Coles but I haven't seen them for almost a year if anyone knows where I can purchase them please let me know!) 

I used this container from Kmart to keep plastic bags and this container to keep all my bottle and scrubbing brushes etc.

I just tie up any grocery bags and they get popped in here.

I keep my dishwasher tablets in a glass jar that was a coffee jar in a previous life, it works perfectly as airtight storage for the dishwasher tablets.

I used this spice rack from Kmart and it works a treat for storing those items I use regularly. Those cute green scrubbers and soap dispenser brush are also from Kmart. 

I secured the spice rack with these little stick on hooks I also picked up from Kmart for $2 as I didn't want to drill any holes the doors.

On the other door I have a paper towel holder for quick and easy access, I picked up for $2 from a dollar store, which also fastens to the door with a double-sided tape.

The final result, after living with the newly organised cupboard for a week or so now, I can say it functions wonderfully and I love it! Nothing like another organised space to keep you motivated!

Hopefully there are some helpful little tips or trips you can put to use in your home!  Wishing you all a wonderful and happy week! xx

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  1. Wow that looks fantastic. You know I only recently saw that clothing and towels are organized best when they are folded that way. I saw a clip of a professional organizer who said that you should even do that with your socks and shirts and everything. She folded it like a towel and then stood it upright. So very impressive.

    Merilyn @ Sanford Company