Monday, 4 May 2015

DIY Gold Mug...

I have been rather slack on posting for the last 2 weeks! Between sick kids, full-time work and the usual housework and study, it has been a little crazy around here, and I have really struggled to get a little me time of late.  I love Instagram for a quick, pretty photo journal of our life and home, but I love nothing more than sitting down and putting words to paper so to speak, I think that's I why I love the process of writing a blog post.  I use my 'me' time to sit and blog or work on other projects, so I am really going to try and allocate some time for me going forward, as best I can, to spend more time doing things I love...because every mama needs a little break, right?!  Now enough about me, and onto the DIY mugs...
I posted my Inspiration a couple of weeks ago here and set about creating my pretty DIY mugs.  I really wanted to try a couple of different metallic finishes, like a rose gold, bronze and silver finish as well as the gold, but as I said before a crazy couple of weeks so I used what I had and that was gold.  I am so happy with the results, they look super cute! I have used them, and no chipping or scratching off, though I have only hand washed and wouldn't recommend putting these pretties in a dishwasher.  Here's how I did it...

What you'll need...

- Spray paint of your choice, I used this White Knight Metallic gold (I love the finish of this spray)
- White mug
- Painter's tape or masking tape
- Clingwrap (not pictured as it was an after thought)

 How I did it...

- Decide on the pattern you want, for this mug I did a horizontal stripe.
- You want to cover everything you don't want sprayed with painter's tape, I wanted the handle gold for this one so I left it tape free.
- Make sure to run your finger nail along the edges of the tape you want a clean, crisp line once the tape comes off.
 - For this one I wanted a triangle down the bottom of the mug, I marked out a triangle on both sides of the mug.

- Rather than cover the whole mug in tape for this one I tried clingwrap and taped the edges down, and it worked perfectly.
- I also covered the top of the mug with clingwrap so as to prevent any spray getting inside the mug.

- Now the fun bit! Spray as per the directions on the spray can
- I did one light layer and let it dry for 20min before giving it a final coat (this is important you don't want to be too heavy handed with the spray or you'll end up with run marks)
- I removed the tape about 20min (you want it to be dry to the touch) you don't want to leave the tape on longer than necessary
How pretty is the end result! I love this little DIY and I love that the sky is the limit when it comes to colours and patterns!

Happy DIYing lovelies! xx

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