Monday, 20 April 2015

DIY Sisal Rope Bowls...

I apologise for the late post, I was unable to upload on the weekend.  Unfortunately after a year in our home we still struggle with a decent Internet connection or any Internet connection at frustrating!

Last Monday I posted my Pinspiration for the week DIY sisal rope bowls, and the verdict is...I loved this DIY project!! It was a super easy DIY and I love how they turned out.  Below is a little step by step on how I made my rope bowl...
 What you'll need...
-  Bowl, jar, container...really the sky's the limit and you can really use whatever you'd like
-  Hot Glue Gun
-  Glue Sticks (I used around 10 sticks in total)
-  Sisal Rope (I picked up mine from the hardware store and used 8mm and 10mm, I purchased 10m of each size and still have some left over)
How I did it...
 1. Start with the handles.  Begin by gluing down the end of your rope to the bottom of the handle.
2. Continue wrapping the rope around the handle, popping a little hot glue down as you go (I glued every second wrap).  Be sure to pull and hold quite firmly each time you wrap the rope around.
3. Once your handles are both complete, you are now going to start on the bowl.  I started by gluing down the end of the rope at the top of the handle.  Start working your way around the top edge of the bowl, gluing as you go. Once you get to where you started, place a drop of glue a to start point, holding the two lines of rope together firmly. 

4. Continue to wrap the rope around, under your top line of rope, gluing and slightly pushing the two rows of rope together.  Continue until you reach the bottom.  Once you reach the bottom, cut the end of the rope on an angle, and then and push the angled end of rope firmly on the rope row before it.  You can trim the end of the rope once glued, you want to try and make it as flat and level as you can to the last row of rope.

I also tried this technique out on a glass coffee jar and also wrapping the rope around itself to make a bowl, and they were just as easy...I think wrapping the rope onto itself to make a bowl was the easiest of all of them to make.

Have I mentioned how much I love the look of these, and how easy they are!  If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you!  If you do give this little DIY a try I would love to see your finished product...if you have an Instagram account you can tag me on Instagram, or head over to my Facebook to share! Enjoy xx

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