Wednesday, 1 April 2015

DIY Easter gifts...

I love all holidays, and Easter is one of my favourites! Perhaps it's all the chocolate involved, or the gorgeous colours I see when I think Easter decorating.  I love to make little Easter gifts each year for the kids to take along to school, for their teachers and classmates.  This year I decided on a simple Easter Bunny chocolate for the teachers and a little gift bag for classmates, these turned out perfectly, and are a sweet little gift and best of all didn't cost a fortune!

 Easter Egg Gift Bags

1. What you'll need -
Mini eggs - I used Cadbury mini solid Easter eggs
Fabric Washi tape - I purchased these pretties in a pack from Kmart
Cellophane bags - I purchased a pack of these from the two dollar shop (these are actually cakepop bags)

2. What I did -
I place three eggs in each bag (3 looked cute...I just wanted a little treat for Eva to give her friends)
Fold over the top of the bag slightly and staple close to the top.
Measure the Washi tape, you want enough to wrap around the bag front to back.
Cut and fold tape around bag front to back.

3.  Finished Product - How cute are these! With around 25 to make I wanted a small little gift for Eva to give out to her classmates, but didn't want to spend a fortune and I think these turned out 

Teacher's Gift

1. What you'll need -
An Easter Bunny egg, I used a Cadbury Bunny (she was pretty cute)
Gift tag - I purchased a pack of gift tags from Kmart with came with white and kraft gift tags
Fabric Washi tape - I purchased these pretties in a pack from Kmart
Pens (I used gel glitter pens)

2. What I did -
I started with the gift tag, I measured and cut the washi tape to size and stuck the tape down leaving just a slight space from the edge of the tag.
Write your message.  Our message read 'Dear Miss....Thank you for being an Eggcellent teacher!!! Love....'
Cut a length of ribbon, enough to wrap around your bunny and tie a bow.
Thread your ribbon through the gift tag, and tie the ribbon around your bunny into a bow.

3.  Finished Product - How cute is she! I think it is the perfect little sweet gift for your kiddies to give their teachers.


  1. You are very clever these Easter treats are so cute and I love the way you have made them extra special with that packaging isn't washi tape the best

  2. Thank you so much Mel! Always nice to give a sweet little gift...I am totally in love with washi tape!!! xx