Saturday, 28 March 2015


Weekends are always crazy busy for me...Working full-time doesn't leave much time for anything else during the week other than the must do list. So when the weekend comes around I try and accomplish as much as I can on a Saturday, and then Sundays are for relaxing and family. I always wake early around 5am so I can squeeze as much as I can from my weekends! Here's whats on my to do list today -
- Laundry (I do wash daily, but I still have about 3 loads to do of towels etc.)
- Deep clean, weekends I do windows, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, scrub bathrooms
- Once over of cupboards as washing gets put away
- Fridge clean out
- Mowing and edging
- Weeding, general tidy of the gardens
- Wash car and vacuum (I find if I do this weekly it's so much less work, my kids like to leave everything in the car!)
- Menu planning for the week
- Groceries (if I don't get this done on a Saturday, which I usually don't...I do first thing Sunday)
- Pantry once over as groceries go away (on a Sunday if groceries are done then)
- Trip to Bunnings, I need to pick a couple of items for some DIY
- Hopefully start one of my smaller DIY projects (I always leave this for last, I look forward to this and if I do this first up nothing else will get accomplished!)
The kids always help with most of the to do list...there is always some whinging but we all live here and it is our home and everybody needs to contribute daily to running of our home, after all we are a team! How do you spend your weekends?  Have a wonderful weekend friends! xx

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