Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Project desk...

For a little while now my eldest daughter (13) has wanted a desk in her room...whilst we have a designated office, she wanted her 'own' desk in her room. Since she has been doing so much to help me out, and really is a wonderful daughter and big sister I thought I'd surprise her. 

When I set out to do any redecorating or purchase any new furniture for our home, it is always done on a minimal budget (for this project I had $50 set aside). The first thing I always do is shop my home.  In 'shopping' my home first I realised all I would need to purchase is a desk, I had an old chair in garage and all the decor items I found scattered throughout the house. I went online and found the desk at Kmart...oh I am loving you of late Kmart, for anyone on a tight budget Kmart offers bang for your buck! 

I purchased the desk and black and white notebook from Kmart, and sprayed the lids gold of two jars I had sitting empty (the gold just adds a little something special). All up the project cost me $32 for the desk and notebook, everything else used we had.  All up the project took me a couple of hours...and the verdict, she loves it! 

Simple white desk from Kmart - $29.00

These items we already had, but the Effiel tower, clock and 'Do what you love everyday' print were also from Kmart (not sure if they are all still available)

The black and white notebook is from Kmart $3.00, the skull planter was also from Kmart (again not sure if they are still available).  The back jar was from Ikea and the front jar was from the two dollar shop, I just gave the lids a quick wipe and used metallic gold spraypaint to paint.  The clear stapler was purchased from Officeworks some time ago.

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